Pebble Control for the Garage

Okay, I know I said that I was going to start on the irrigation system, but I found something cool that I needed to add to the garage door project.  It involves the use of a pebble smart watch to open/close and check the status of the doors.  I have modified the code that I found here so that it works with two doors and work with my other code.  If you have a pebble and are running the project, this is a cool addition.  The code with all the changes is here.


If you have any changes that you think could improve it, please comment below.  Also, one thing I notice is that when using the watch app it seems to get messed up if you hit the buttons to quickly.


Irrigation system

(That is my anti-static mat that it is sitting on :))

There are plenty of irrigation systems that are connected to the internet, but I enjoy playing around with this stuff so I’m making my own.  I have just started the project, but here is what I have so far.  There was just one on woot today for $164 that looked very polished and intriguing.  There is also one for the Pi that comes with a pre-built open source program that has many of the features I want.  That said, I think I can do it cheaper and get what I want.  I also have plans to add a rain gauge to it to make it work even better, but that’s for another post after I get this project done.

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Garage Door Project

This project was inspired by a project on makezine where they used a Particle Photon to open a garage door via an android/iphone app. I liked the idea and decided to give it a try. Once I got it working, I decided to make my own modifications. I ditched the app to use a web interface instead (found an example here). I found a few problems that I resolved, I think it worked in the makezine article because they were using the older spark core io chip.

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