I don’t really want to turn this into a blog with a bunch of re-posts in it, but I ran across this and partially for my benefit to remind myself of it and in case anyone that comes across this blog might find it interesting.  Here is an interesting guild on making a wireless thermostat.  Maybe someday I will take this on.  It sounds interesting as a start.  I think you must have some sort of manual access in for it on the wall however.  I don’t want to always use the web or my phone to change the temperature.

Google drive space

I love google drive, but I am about to run out of “free” space.  Ever since google started allowing unlimited space for photos and videos under a certain size, I have been looking for a way to convert all of my old stuff to this new required size.  It is finally available in a new option in the photo’s settings page.  If you, like me, are running out of space, and you don’t care if your picture are “only” 16MP and your videos are “only” 1080p, the run the conversion and free up that space.   I hope this is useful to others and helped you out.

I hope to get out the latest version of the irrigation system soon.  I am working out bugs in the photon code and it is requiring a bit of refactoring.  Thanks for being patient.