Back to the irrigation system!

Well it is getting close to time that I am going to have to water the yard more than once a month, so I finally decided to get back to work on the irrigation system.  I had run into a problem with the pronto related to the number of particle.functions I was using.  I guess there is a limit based on the ram use on the board.  Well, I thought I was well within the limit, but I guess not.  After going back and forth with technical support, they suggested that I reduce the number of particle.functions calls and use the string passed in to differentiate the call for the different zones, programs, etc.  I have done it and it seems that it is working again.  I am not going to attach the whole program like I did before, as it has some sensitive information in it, but I hope to make it easy enough to follow.

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I don’t really want to turn this into a blog with a bunch of re-posts in it, but I ran across this and partially for my benefit to remind myself of it and in case anyone that comes across this blog might find it interesting.  Here is an interesting guild on making a wireless thermostat.  Maybe someday I will take this on.  It sounds interesting as a start.  I think you must have some sort of manual access in for it on the wall however.  I don’t want to always use the web or my phone to change the temperature.