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Friday, December 18, 2009 9:03 PM Posted by

A Simple Metronome App.
Disclaimer: If a background app uses too much cpu, the ticks might stagger, but the over all beat should remain the same (the beat after the stagger will be two bpm away from the previous, not delayed).A simple metronome.

– Fixed the volume control
– Adjusted the max volume so that it’s louder
– Updated the sound toggle removing a possible exception
– Updated the beat control to use standard metronome increments
– Updated it so that it kills the timer on back or home key transitions (previous feedback, so no it doesn’t run in the background when switching tasks)

Please email me with any problems you have before leaving a bad review, any details on how to reproduce would be greatly appreciated. Remember it’s free.



Update:  this app has been removed from the app store because I was using some methods to that were just not reliable enough for a consistent tick.  But it was fun creating something.

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